-Chase Williams (432) 894-3133
Crane County, Texas    (Armer, Sand Hills and Sand Hills NW Fields)
Leases:  M.B. McKnight, E. McKnight, Ewell McKnight, McKnight 21, McKnight 21A, McKnight-Rayden, C. Edwards Jr. A, J.H. Edwards, Croley, C.W. Edwards A
3300 N. A Street, Bldg. 2-215 Midland TX 79705
-Mark Renteria (432) 634-0242
Ward County, Texas (Crawar, Crawar North and Janelle Fields)
Leases: Edwards, Edwards A, Edwards B, Edwards 4, Edwards 27, Edwards 28, J.B. Tubb J, Steeple O 4, Steeple O 5, Rock House 5, Rock House 6, Bel Terra A, Athena 13-18.
-Fernando Valenzuela (432) 269-9813
Ward & Crane Cos., Texas (Crawar, Sand Hills West and Shipley Fields)
Leases: Tubb A, J.B. Tubb 2, W. A. Estes, J.B. Tubb Estate B 1R, Estes 57, Estes 80, Estes 99, Wristen 1, Ruth Kaufman A, Mobil-Hayzlett
-Alan Jeter (432) 290-3082
Crane County, Texas (Bar-Mar Field)
Lease: Pan Am Fee A
-Lance Shaw (325) 338-2872
Nolan County, Texas (Rowan & Hope and J.M.R. Fields)
Leases: Rowan & Hope, Rowan & Hope SW, J.W. Byrd, J.W. Byrd B, J.M. Rice A
-Richard Green (325) 650-8394
Schleicher County, Texas (Toe Nail, Otto, Tillery and Page Ranch Fields)
Leases: Harris C, Tucker, Harkey A, Robinson, Robinson E, Derrick and Lizzie McAngus

If above contacts cannot be reached, call Tom Williams at (432) 967-1359.